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Claudia De la Cruz on her Dominican and AfroCaribbean identities

I’ve been having issues with DR ever since I started noticing the internalized racism. I need to sort through it and find people I can talk to about this. I’ve been feeling disconnected from DR for a while, and it sucks. 

11 questions

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1. What’s the best thing you can cook? this tortilla pizza thing

2. If this was your last day on earth, how would you spend it? Ahh! I’d eat a lot of food. There would be a party thing with my favorite people. I’d have sex, and get high and have high sex. I might want to put together a zine in an hour or something. And then spend more time with my people and trees and dogs.

3. What is you favorite quote, and why? but i have so many! 

4. What is your dream in life? To spend my days making things and collaborating with people. I also want to start a collective and magazine. 

5. How old were you when you had your first kiss, and with who? I was 8 or 9, and it was with one my friends, Estafani. And with someone that I liked, I was 12 and his name was Jilsson. 

6. What was the best day of your life? (Or what would it be if it hasn’t happened) the days that mostly stand out are this time i was in the bronx botanical garden, and this day i was in puerto rico and everything felt mad good

7. Favorite book and why? It’s probably The Book Thief. I read it and it broke my heart and made me think of so many things, and it’s been years and it’s so in me and I don’t even know. 

8. What do you do when it rains? if its warm i like to go out and get wet. but these days i like being in bed with coffee and fanfic

9. What are you most passionate about? life and people and feels and details and colors and dogs and creations

10. What is your favorite place in the entire world and why? there isn’t a specific place. but i feel the best in bookstores and green spaces

11. Favorite ice cream? strawberry from D.R 

thank you for this :) 

i’m gonna make a collage of the women in my life and i’m gonna look at it whenever i want to summon fire

02/04/2014 | Bronx, NY

It snowed yesterday, and the trees were really beautiful. Snow capped branches are my new favorite thing. 

Letter project is done! And I’m so glad to finally share it :)
These letters are to loves, exes, past selves, future selves, cuddling buddies, and other people that have stirred some feels. They were written by wonderful people, and most are anonymous. I want to thank everyone that participated, and I want to give each one of you the biggest panda hug ever. I really appreciate all that your words have made me feel. I wanted to collect letters because I wanted us to get glimpses at each other, and look at ways in which we connect and relate. Every letter gave me something, and for that I am very grateful.The zine is on Issuu: Google Drive (in case Issuu doesn’t work properly for some people): and hugs 


We can exchange addresses if you’d like! That way we can still keep in touch!
I feel the need to delete my account because tumblr no longer is serving the purpose it once did for me. I am out growing what it has to offer. Though it has offered me a lot, and has been given countless hours of my time, I can’t help but feel guided to unhinge my addiction, set this account aside to explore vegetarianism, working out, meditation, my new “real job”, my meditation class, and helping people in real life versus hoping that I’m reaching someone here. I find that a lot of people here are only interested in reblogging and posting for their own blog, and completely look me over as a person. I feel my energies are better put to use in the real world with real interactions with real people who really want to be there to capture those energies!

yes, let’s do it! and that makes a lot sense to me. I’ve feeling that way too. Especially with how much time I spend here. I could really use that time to focus on my projects, read more books, and learn more things. Though blogging has helped me a lot, and I go on my url when I want to remember things that soothe my soul. I might just need to find balance, detach, and come here way less. But yeah, there’s so much I want to give my time and attention to, and I don’t want social media taking so much of it. But if I keep it, I need to remember that this shouldn’t impede my growth, and that I made this to help myself heal. 

  • vibes are weird and i need some cleansing/balance
  • there’s a lot i want to learn and this scattered brain won’t do
  • i also have many things i want to get done, and i need energy
  • i want to feel rooted and centered
  • peace and harmony
  • with a side of crazy

"People need to hear girls’ voices to balance out our hella lopsided world. We need to be out there sharing our views, our stories, our visions. Write memoirs, draw portraits, tell stories, make zines, compose songs—pretty much any creative practice can connect strongly with people and open up your world for someone else to understand better. I used to worry that there was something narcissistic and self-indulgent about writing and making art about my own life—like, who am I to think anyone would care about my life? Let me rephrase that: I used to worry that there was something narcissistic and self-indulgent about writing and making art about my life—and that that was bad. Real talk, everyone is self-indulgent and self-involved—we’re all selves here, come on. And the truth is, most people want to hear stories, and they like hearing stories from and about other people. Art is particularly good at forging human connection. Sharing our personal stories and points of view generates empathy, and empathy is basically our emotional H20 that makes, like, the photosynthesis of a productive society happen. Don’t doubt the power of your personal stories. The world needs more of them. Tell them, in whatever form suits you best. You don’t even have to wait to be asked."